Someone purchase my service gig and the money is not showing in wallet?

After receiving the order your money will go to escrow system and only release when buyer release the money by accepting the completed job. Note : you need to change the status of the order. The last status that is completed job will send the notification to buyer to accept the job or not.

How buyer and seller communicate ?

When buyer order a service they can see the contact details of seller and seller can see buyer details as well like email and mobile. You can contact each other by internal message system

What is escrow ?

An escrow is a financial agreement in which deskton controls payments between two parties and only releases the funds involved once a contract's terms are met. Deskton temporarily holds money, paperwork, or other assets for a transaction on their behalf.

What location you cover ?

Currently we cover all freelancer of india.

Platform fee ?

Platform is free to use and only charge 10% commission from each order

Is it secure ? Where the server located

We are using secure servers in India and website is SSL protected

How can I sell my service ?

You can create account as a seller and from seller dashboard create a new service. Each service will be approve by admin so that no malicious person can use our platform.

What if I am not satisfied with the service ?

You have the option to approve the user money or give review to his service

How freelancer receive the payment from platform?

Freelancer can request payout request from dashboard and share the bank details so that we can transfer the money. Share : - Account Name ( Your name is mention ) - Account Number - IFCS Code - Bank Name Note - We only transfer the money to the account holder bank only.